2022 Back to School Info

Hello Keithley families!

We are getting close to the start of school and could not be more excited! We hope that you are rested and have enjoyed some time doing what you love. Please read below for important details about the start of school.

First Day of School Schedule:
The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL at Keithley is Tuesday, August 30th.
  • 7:25 a.m. - Start time for all 6th graders and students new to Keithley.
    • (Students can be dropped off at 7:10)
  • 11:25 a.m. - Start time for everyone else
    • (Add 4 hours to the original bus pick up time)
      • Ex: Original pick up time is 6:50a.m. - First day pick up time is 10:50a.m.
    • (Students can be dropped off at 11:10)
Families of bus riders – please check the Transportation link below for bus stop information.
On the first day of school, breakfast and lunch will be served for 6th grade and students new to Keithley (arriving for the 7:25 start time)
  • No lunch or breakfast will be served for students arriving for the 11:25 start time.

During the school year, ALL students are provided FREE breakfast and lunch

If your student has 3rd lunch, please be sure to send a small, healthy snack for them to eat during 3rd period.


Cell Phone Policy
Expectations for cell phone use for all students are as follows:
  1. Phones AND headphones away and out of sight during class. Headphones allowed for instructional programs as assigned by the instructor.
  2. Phones permitted during passing, courtyard time, and meals. Filming others on school grounds is not permitted.
  3. We appreciate your support of this expectation.

If you need to get ahold of your student during school hours, please call 253-298-4300 and office staff will help you get in touch with them immediately.

School Supplies:
The school is providing a binder, 2 spiral notebooks, a science composition notebook, pencils, pens, and highlighters, and student planner. Replacement cost of lost planners are the responsibility of the student/family ($5).
These items will be available for pick-up at Back to School Night and the first days of school.
Your student will need a backpack and we suggest a refillable water bottle. We will send out additional information for families who are in need of support with additional supplies.

School Portraits:

School portraits and student IDs will be available for purchase during Back to School Night. We will also have an opportunity for families to take a photo through our CTE department (we provide the backdrop, you style the family however it suits you) - we will share the digital file with you for free.

Class Registration:
All students are currently being registered in their classes now; no action is necessary from families. Schedules are planned to be distributed on the first day of school. If this changes to an earlier date, we will let you know.

Student Laptops:
Student laptops will be housed at school. An acceptable use agreement will be distributed the first days of school; damages or loss of laptops is the responsibility of families.

If your student is riding the bus, you can find your route information here.