Student Handbook

Message from the Principal

Keithley families,

We are Perry G. Keithley Middle School (PGK)! Perry G. Keithley Sr., was a principal in the Franklin Pierce school district, known for his dedication, high academic standards, and love for families in the community. We hope that you will join us in carrying on this legacy of academic excellence in an inclusive community.

PGK PRIDE is our student foundation! PRIDE stands for Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Empathy. As a student of PGK you will have the opportunity to act out PRIDE characteristic everyday. The more you act out PRIDE, the more PGK becomes a part of you!

In my eighth year as Principal, I am very proud of the systems of support we’ve established for both students and staff.  Students, staff, and parents/guardians report high levels of school pride and increasing feelings of safety and belonging.  Keithley’s innovations in the areas of restorative and trauma-informed practices are gaining momentum and attention from other schools looking for greater student behavior support.

Dr. Edwards


School Information and Schedule

School Information

School Hours

Office Hours                                       6:25am-2:25pm

Early Release Wed. Office Hours:      6:25am-12:55pm                                            

School Day                                          7:25am-1:55pm

Early Release (90 min)                   7:25am-12:25pm


General Expectations

General Information

We are a Safe and Civil School

Safe School Helpline

Dial 1-800-4-1-VOICE, ext. 359 (1-800-418-6423, ext. 359) and follow the prompts.

Internet Reporting:


The Safe School Helpline allows students or parents to report incidents or situations that may present a risk or concern to students or faculty on the Keithley Middle School campus. The Safe School Helpline is anonymous.


There is a Keithley activity bus for students attending after-school activities. Activity buses run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:00pm. The activity buses may not stop at the student’s regular stop, and therefore may require students to walk a few blocks home.  Students are not allowed to leave campus and then return to take the activity bus home.


CHAMPS is an after-school program providing students with academic and enrichment opportunities.

First and foremost, CHAMPS provides an excellent opportunity for students to get extra help with homework and other academic challenges, they may be having. Qualified staff are assigned to your student, in order to provide the help they need.

CHAMPS also provides various enrichment activities, as well. Please contact Melanie Jones at for further information.

CHAMPS is funded through a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, administered by Puget Sound Educational Service District and supported by Franklin Pierce District.

ASB CARDS (Activity Tickets)

All students receive an Identification (ID) Card when student pictures are taken.  In order to have an ASB card; students must purchase a sticker in the office that is then put on their ID card.  The price is announced at the start of each school year.  All students who participate in interscholastic sports, jazz band, and concert choir or are a member of any ASB sponsored club must purchase an ASB card. 

The ASB card entitles students to reduced prices at high school games, KMS dances, and yearbooks.  Students may purchase a Washington High School sticker for an additional cost that will allow them to attend Washington home games for free.

Note: A grade of F in any class will make you ineligible for participation in activities and sports.


The student leadership consists of students elected by their peers.  The ASB board meets bi-monthly to discuss and vote on school affairs and disbursement of ASB funds.  The meetings are conducted under the supervision of the staff ASB advisor. ASB officers and representatives must maintain high academic standards, good attendance and have a record free of disciplinary action.


After school athletics are open to 7th and 8th grade students who are passing all classes, have purchased an ASB card, and have a current physical on file at school.  Note: final spring grades determine fall sports eligibility.  Students planning to participate in sports should pay careful attention to the following requirements:

(a)  Physical Examination: Must be current and on file in the Health Center before you can participate in sports (physicals are valid for two years unless otherwise noted).

(b)  Medical and Dental Insurance: This is strongly recommended and can be purchased through the school if you do not have sufficient coverage.

(c)   Parent Consent form: Parents or guardians must consent to any participation.

Emergency Medical Treatment and Transportation Authorization form

(d)  Must be turned in before 1st day of practice.

(e)  Concussion Information Form:  Parent or guardians must read and sign this form showing they understand the information provided.

(f)    Acknowledgment by the student and his/her parent of Franklin Pierce School District eligibility and training requirements.

(g)  Students must be passing all classes in order to participate in interscholastic sports.

(h)  Students who do not meet the above grade requirement can still turn out for the sport, but will be placed on academic warning.  If grades do not improve within 2 weeks, students will be placed on academic probation where students may practice with the team, but will not be permitted to participate in games/matches. 

(i)    No high school students or students from other schools are allowed at KMS games unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.


Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college and career readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college and career.  The program places special emphasis on growing writing, critical thinking, teamwork, organization, and reading skills to increase the number of students who enroll and succeed in higher education and their lives beyond high school.  Students may apply for the 7th and 8th grade AVID elective class each spring.  PGK also implements a number of AVID strategies school-wide: Binder organization, Cornell Notes, and a number of other AVID strategies.



Backpacks and binders are required organizational tools for all students.  Students may purchase the binder package from the cashier window.


Student safety is the primary concern of the transportation department.  Student whose conduct is not acceptable will be subject to disciplinary action by the bus driver, transportation, and/or the school.  The bus driver has full authority at all times and may remove disruptive students from the bus. If parents have any questions regarding transportation, including discipline issues on the bus please call 253-298-3865.


Funds are available for students who find that they are unable to participate in either the curricular or co-curricular program at Keithley Middle School.  Students who need more information about these funds are encouraged to see their counselor.


Due to the Community Eligibility Program, all PGK students qualify for free breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast is available from 7:00-7:20.


Medication will be administered in the health center when necessary.  Written requests from a student’s physician or dentist and parent/guardian must be submitted to the health technician.  

Medication must be:

·         in the original pharmacy container;

·         labeled with student’s name and name of the medication, dosage, and frequency of administration.

This includes all prescription and non-prescription medication with the exception of pre-approved inhalers or EpiPens.

All medications must be checked into the health center by parent/guardian.  Students in possession of medication (in any form) will be subject to school discipline.


PLU is a great community partner with PGK.  We have a large number of PLU student mentors, tutors, and after school program staff.  Students may walk through the PLU campus to and from school.  However, students who violate any established state law or school policy while on PLU’s campus may be referred to the Pierce County Sheriff for disciplinary action and/or be No-Trespassed permanently from the campus.


Students are no longer required to wear a PGK uniform for PE class. Students are required to dress down but not required to buy the PGK PE outfit. If a PE uniform is desired, please see Ms. Finnegan.


Keithley Middle School values the health of students and staff and is committed to providing a healthy learning/working environment. While recognizing that complete elimination of scents is virtually impossible, the expectation is to minimize the risk of exposure by information, awareness and avoidance. The more that is learned about the effects of the environment on individual physical and emotional well-being, the more important it becomes to provide an environment that is healthy for all students and staff. Many people are sensitive or allergic to simple scents from deodorant, hairspray, cologne, soap, perfume and aftershave. Symptoms of this sensitivity or allergy range from headaches, red eyes, itching, coughing and sneezing, to severe asthma attacks. Nearly one-quarter of the population is subject to respiratory and allergic reactions that may be inflamed by scented and chemical substances. This policy applies to all persons in schools and district vehicles, including students, staff, visitors and volunteers.

1.    We request that staff and students avoid the use of fragrances and perfumed personal care products while in our school and district vehicles.

2.    Students purposefully discharging scent devices without regard to this policy will be subject to school discipline.


PG Keithley Middle School is a closed campus.  Parents/guardians may visit classrooms and eat lunch with their students with prior notification/approval and must first check in at the main office.  All visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s badge in the main office to be displayed while on campus.  Under no circumstance are students allowed to invite non-students or former students on campus. 


PG Keithley Middle School students are not to be on the Washington High School Campus unless they have permission from Washington administration. Please see a Washington school administrator in the Washington school office.